I LOVE a good skillet meal.

If it has meatballs and pasta in it……..

Oh My Gosh, I’m in!!!


Flavors concentrated in one pan, fewer dishes to wash, and they’re generally not too complicated.


This recipe is wonderful not only because all of these reasons, it’s also fantastically delicious!




I would describe this dish as a combo of Swedish meatball, homey noodles, and a generous amount of sauce.

The whole fam was totally crazy for this meal. You can’t believe how many request I get to make it again.

Believe me, since it made its first debut on our dinner table, I’ve already made it again half a dozen times.


Recipe Notes:

Just a few things you might find helpful….. Don’t overcook the meatballs or they will be dry.

If you can, roll the meatballs the night before you’re making this, so that dinner gets on the table faster.

If the sauce gets too thick just thin it out with extra chicken broth or water.


I like to cook this recipe in a cast iron skillet.

To get the tight cover on this skillet the recipe calls for, I covered the skillet with aluminum foil.

I bent it down well over the two spouts, and weighed that down with a lid from another pan slightly larger than the cast iron skillet I was using.

After seeing an episode regarding teflon and high heat on Good Eats from Alton Brown, I try not to use my teflon pans with the high heat required to get the oil smoking called for in this recipe.

Source: Cook’s Illustrated

Oh, here’s a handy little accessory that’s great to use with your cast iron pan. I love it!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve grabbed that hot cast iron handle without remembering to grab a hot pad!

This baby just might save a few layers of skin on my hand!!!