This wonderful potato dish has been a family favorite for years. I serve it year round during the holidays, barbecues, potlucks, you name it. It’s a pan of warm, comforting, cheesy, lovin from the oven that always gets completely devoured. This recipe is a little twist on an old timeless classic, Scalloped Potatoes or Potato au Gratin. Who doesn’t love those fabulous dishes.

The two ingredients that differentiate Fleming’s Potatoes are jalapeno pepper and leeks. I have to tell you my hubby is a gianormous wimp when it comes to eating anything that has any “heat” to it. Sometimes, too much black pepper in a dish, can make it to spicy for him. That said, never in the probably 100 times I made these yummy potatoes, has he ever so much as even mentioned any spice. The jalapeno simply add a nice flavoring. I do, of course, remove all the seeds and ribs but, if you like some nice spicy heat, just chop it up without removing anything. You might like to add a few more. The leeks are the second ingredient that differ from the Scalloped potatoes I grew up on. My mom always used yellow onion so, here, the leeks just give it a subtle taste twist.

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