Grilled Flank Steak

It’s finally warming up in Socal!  Yay!!!  So it’s out to the grill for me. Time to dust off my Weber.  The first thing I decided to grill is my FAVORITE grilled flank steak.  This recipe is from my friend Debbie S.  She gave it to me forevah ago.  Before I had kids.  What-What!!!  Serious, Yikes!!!  I can’t even begin to believe I have a recipe that’s 24 years old,  let alone that it’s still one of my all time favorite recipes. I love it because it’ssimple and just plain de-licious!  Nothing fancy, just the kinda something your mom would have made for you.  It needs to marinade overnight so plan ahead a little.  It’s easy-peasy, home cookin delicious! If you’re not ready for BBQ because the weather isn’t cooperating, save this one for when summer just starts to call.