Ranch Bacon Barbecue Deviled Eggs I LOVE, I mean love Deviled Eggs.  They’re the perfect little snack or appetizer.  A little protein and a whole lot of great seasoning.  I could make an entire meal of these babies…….okay, so, I often actually do just that!  Now, imagine adding a few extra favorite ingredient………Ranch dressing……..gotta love that!  Barbecue sauce…….I’m in! How bout a bit of bacon……..just a bit……Okay! I think I might swoon!  This combination of ingredients wrapped up in a Deviled Eggs is, seriously, crazy delicious!   These. Are. Yum-mmmeeee! If you like deviled eggs I think you’re really going to think these are amazing.  I know I do……..I almost ate half the batch myself right after I made them. 🙂  Seriously!!!

Recipe Notes: Start with 1/4 cup of ranch and add extra to achieve desired texture. I added 1/4 cup plus one extra tablespoon .I like these with just a light drizzle of barbecue sauce and gentle sprinkle of bacon.  Too heavy a hand here and you will overpower the ranch flavor.

Have you tried the hard boiled eggs from Trader Joes?  Well, I have to tell you I absolutely love them.  They come in a bag, perfectly cooked, and best yet…………already peeled!  Genius! I swear they are total Genius!!! Using them in this recipe makes preparing these embarrassingly quick and easy!

Ranch Bacon Barbecue Deviled Eggs