Strawberry Sheet Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Strawberry Sheet Cake with Lemon Frosting

I’m so, so, so excited to tell you about this recipe! I’ve been totally craving strawberry cake for about a month now. I was planning on making my favorite, ‘Go To Amazing Strawberry Cake’ recipe when I saw this Strawberry Sheet Cake recipe in Southern Living magazing.  Now, when I have a favorite recipe,  its really, really hard to get me to even consider trying a new one for the same thing. I really can’t, for the life of me,  explain what possessed be to try this Strawberry Sheet Cake recipe when I love my other recipe soooo much,  but OH MY GOSH, I’m soooo glad I did!!! Okay……let me tell you about this, honest to goodness INCREDIBLE cake…….. Lets start with the cake itself………it’s made with cake flour so of course its tender.  It’s got buttermilk and lotsa butter in it so its really moist. Okay, stay with me, it has fresh strawberries and  a sprinkle of strawberry jello in it, so it’s got the perfect “strawberryness” to the strawberry flavor…….if you know what I mean! Now for the surprise, knock your socks off,  I’m really serious, “SURPRISE punch”……………..the FROSTING.

Strawberry Sheet Cake with Lemon Frosting

The frosting is a lovely lemon, cream cheese, and whipped cream concoction that just may make you weep a little bit.  It’s okay if you do……………we’re all friends here and ain’t no one who tastes this cake is gonna judge! I promise you friend 🙂  Seriously, leave it to Southern Living to come up with a frosting that can make grown men and women weep a bit when they taste it! The flavors of this cake makes it absolutely perfect for spring and summer. It’s so yummy, I think it will be the perfect addition for my Easter buffet. I think I’ll make the cake the day before and refrigerate it overnight then make the frosting and frost it on Easter.  Since the frosting is made with whipped cream it’s better served the same day its made. I hope you give this cake a try soon.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the surprise punch. OH……and have a little hanky ready just in case…………..



Source:Southern Living


139 Responses to Strawberry Sheet Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

  1. Paula D

    Is the sugar thats in the frosting granulated or powdered?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Paula, the sugar is granulated 😉

  2. Patricia

    Stupid question but what’s cake flour? Is that the same as cake mix?

    • Kathleen

      Not a stupid question at all and I’m happy you asked it 🙂 It’s a special flour that you buy in the baking section in a box. It isn’t a cake mix. It’s a flour that has lower protein that regular all purpose flour so it produces a more tender cake.

      • Valerie Torres

        Hi There! I live in Italy and have found tipo 00 which is a super refined flour, self rising flour and that’s about it in terms of a white flour for cakes and breads, aside from grainy flour of course. Think that would work?

        • Kathleen

          Hi Valerie. I have to say honestly since I haven’t baked with those specific products I really am not sure. I wish I could be more helpful!

        • Maria Gitto

          hi Valerie,
          I live in Sunny Sicily Italy and i made this cake and used
          Il Molino Farina 00 Per dolci which i found in a normal supermarket…the cake came out moist and perfect…hope this will help…Salute

          • Kathleen

            Hi Maria. Thanks so much for sharing!

          • Valerie Torres

            Ahhh.. Grazie Maria! Il Molino è perfetto! Pensavo che tipo 00 èd aguale di cake flour. La farò subito!!! Grazie mille!

  3. Hazel

    I can just tast tha tender crumb. I’m off to get my ingredients. If all goes well I will serve this on Easter Sunday brunch

    • Kathleen

      Hazel, I hope you like it as much as we did!

  4. Hazel

    I made it last night. Shared it with my neighbors. Just one word perfection! So moist, tangy, and when you bite into the chopped strawberries. Gosh! I can’t wait for my mom to visit so I can serve this up. Thanks for sharing this one.

    • Kathleen

      Hazel, I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

  5. Susie

    In most of the pics, it looks like you omitted the chopped strawberries from the frosting because I don’t see them. I think I it looks better not seeing the chopped strawberries in the frosting and just garnishing with a fresh berry on top of each slice.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Susie. You’re right it doesn’t look like I added the strawberries to the frosting but I did. The recipe doesn’t have an overwhelming amount in the frosting. Funny thing is my sister and I had a long debate over this issue. She thought it would be better if they were only on the top-I like them in the frosting! LOL.

  6. Donna

    Do you have to line the pan with parchment paper? I don’t want to lift the cake out of the pan as I would not have a serving dish to put it on….

    • Kathleen

      Hi Donna, no then I wouldnt bother!

  7. Lauren

    Another “stupid” question but am I correct in assuming that the jello isn’t already made and is still in powder form?

    • Kathleen

      Lauren, honestly, that is a Great question! Yes use the powdered form 🙂

  8. Marla

    Do you think this would work as cupcakes too?

    • Kathleen

      Yes I think they’d be delish!

  9. Lindsay

    Is the strawberry jello the instant or cook to serve jello? I am not sure if it would make a difference, but it does not hurt to ask!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Lindsay! I just checked the original recipe and it didn’t specify. I don’t think it matters. Honestly, I can’t remember which one I used!!!LOL Sorry bout that!

    • MammyPammy

      Jello gelatin, not the jello pudding. (pudding is cooked or instant)

      • Kathleen

        Yes, this recipe calls for gelatin powder. I’ve clarified the recipe 🙂

  10. Gaela Ake Fisher

    This looks so good and I’m going to make it for Easter. do you think this would work as a layer cake, or is the frosting to “light” to keep it together?

    • Kathleen

      Hey Gaela. Yes, I do think that this frosting would be too light to use in a layer cake. I think it just might “squish” out between the layers!

  11. Darlene

    I have a question about the icing recipe.
    It asked for “heavy cream”, I bought a table cream
    18%. Should I be buying a whipping cream??

    Hope to hear from you tonight since I’ve baked
    the cake and will be making the icing tomorrow
    for Easter Dinner.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Darlene, I’ve sent you an email. I think you should use the Heavy Cream instead of the Table Cream. Heavy Cream is 33%. I’ve never whipped up the lighter cream so I’m worried it might not be the right consistency or richness.

  12. Seneca

    I interested in making this recipe as a three layer cake. Do you think doubling the recipe would yield enough batter and frosting?

  13. Seneca

    Oh I just saw the comment about the frosting being to light to layer. I think I’ll bake the cake in a bundt pan instead.

    • Kathleen

      Hey Seneca, I’d love to hear how that turns out! Please let us know 🙂

  14. Carrie

    Do you think this cake would work to double the receipe and cook in a jelly roll pan? I want to make this for Easter for our large family.

    • Kathleen

      Hey Carrie, I’m so sorry to reply so late to you! I’ve had a family emergency and have been out of town until today! I don’t think the jelly roll pan would work because I think there is too much batter.

  15. Jeanette

    How long then should we bake for cupcakes?

    • Kathleen

      Jeanette, I haven’t made cupcakes yet so I’m sorry I’m not exactly sure.

    • Kimmela

      I want to do something different for Easter. In steps 4 and 5, are they mixed together at the end. Also do I use half the cream cheese for in both mixtures?

      • Kathleen

        Hi Kimmela. In step 4 you’re making a sweetened cream cheese by beating ALL of the cream cheese with 1/3 cup of sugar.
        In step 5, in another bowl, you beat the heavy cream with the lemon juice until frothy, then continue beating and add 1/3 c sugar until it creates stiff peaks. You’re making a flavored whipped cream in step 5.
        Then, once you’ve made the whipped cream, you fold 1/2 of it into the sweetened cream cheese mixture from step 4. When it’s incorporated you fold in the second 1/2 of the sweetened cream cheese mixture just until it’s incorporated.
        Hope this is helpful. Lmk if you have any other questions 🙂

  16. Lisa

    I assume you refrigerate any leftovers?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Lisa Yes definitely 🙂

  17. Sammi

    This might be a silly question but it’s titled sheet cake and the directions say a 9×13 dish. So do you mean a 9×13 sheet cake pan or a 9×13 baking dish? We made it for Easter in a 9×13 sheet pan and it doesn’t seem right. Thanks!

    • Kathleen

      Hey Sammi, I used a regular old 9 X 13 baking dish. How did your cake turn out?

  18. Katrina

    I wondered about the pan size indicated in this recipe (9×13) when the title indicates this is a sheet cake, but I followed the recipe as written. Now my cake has been in the over for over 40 minutes and is nowhere near being done. I should have followed my gut and used a sheet cake pan which much larger. 🙁 My family is on the way for Easter dinner and I don’t think this cake is going to come through.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Katrina, I can’t imagine what happened. I definitely used a 9 X 13 inch baking pan and it worked out perfectly. Is is possible your oven runs cooler so it baked slower?

      • LJK

        I’m having the same problem.. 45 min and still in there.. since the top browned already I covered it with foil.

  19. Liz

    I am diabetic, I was wondering if I could use truvia in place of the sugar & use sugarfree jello?

    • Kathleen

      Hey Liz, I’ve never baked with truvia. It sounds like a great idea. Does truvia have any substitution recommendations on their packaging? Sugarfree Jello would work for sure.If you try it, please let us know how it works 🙂

  20. Wendy

    I’m on a diet right now, but really like to bake just to get my house to smell delicious. Anyway, I want to whip some up, have one question, do I shake the buttermilk, THEN measure it, or measure THEN shake?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Wendy, I shake then measure 🙂 No more shaking

  21. carol

    Hi Kathleen, I have a recipe that adds gelatin for stabilizing
    whipping cream to be used in frostings. Do you think that would work in this recipe and would make it last a little longer?

    • Kathleen

      Hey Carol! Wow that’s a really interesting idea! Since the frosting has cream cheese in it, it’s definitely heavier than a plain whipped cream topping so I’m not sure the gelatin can “support” the heavier structure. If you try it will you please let me know how it works out. 🙂

  22. Pamela

    Would you share your “Go-To” Strawberry cake recipe as well? I’m eager to make the sheet cake version, but I’m in a collecting mode and would love to check other strawberry cake versions out…

    • Kathleen

      Hi Pamela! I’m looking forward to sharing it hopefully soon 😉

  23. EJ Kelly

    I made this for my wife today, IT WAS AMAZING. This will be my go to spring/summertime cake..Thank you for this recipe!!

    • Kathleen

      Hey EJ. So glad you made this! I’m really glad you liked it 🙂 You are so welcome!

  24. Alena

    Thank you soo much! I accidentally ran across this and I’m so happy I did!!! Now I always look through all your recipes 🙂 it is an amazing cake!

    • Kathleen

      Well Alena, I’m happy you found me! I hope you like this cake as much as we did!!!

  25. Beth

    This cake is delicious! It’s my first from-scratch cake…I’m new to baking.

    The icing I made came out too runny. It still tasted yummy, though. Do you have any idea why this might have happened?

    Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Beth, I’m guessing it might be runny if you didn’t beat the whipped cream enough or if you happened to have extra juicy strawberries. Does that help at all???? Glad you liked the cake 🙂

  26. Grace

    Well- this cake tasted delicious for sure but yielded disastrous results when attempted as cupcakes!! Just thought I’d throw that out there in case anyone else was tempted. 🙂 Stick with the 9×13! Or if you figure out a way to turn it into good cupcakes let us know!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Grace! Thanks so much for sharing that!!!

  27. Linda

    I’m confused as the title of the cake is Sheet Cake but it is baked in a 9×13 in. pan. I need the cake for a large gathering and wondered it if could be baked in a sheet cake pan and what the baking time would be.

    • Kathleen

      Hey Linda. I know, I don’t know why but this is the second recipe I’ve used recently that has referred to a sheet cake made in a 9X13. Anyway, I’m sorry but I haven’t made it in a larger pan so I can’t advise.

  28. Alicia Haler

    We made it this weekend as a layer cake and cupcakes for my daughters birthday and it was delightful. I got so many requests for the recipe. Thanks!

    • Kathleen

      Hey Alicia. Happy to hear that. How did the frosting work for a layer cake?

  29. Jeanne1

    Hello — I wanted to print your recipe but something strange happens — when I press “print recipe” it brings up a black box with the name of the recipe & has a “print” button which I press — but all that is printed is the page with the black box on it, not the recipe. I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

    • Kathleen

      Hello Jeanne, Thank you for telling me. This is the first I’ve heard anyone has had a prolem. I’ll look into it asap. May need to get some tech support!

    • Linda

      Yes I am!

  30. Tahnycooks

    Just made this cake this afternoon and it is a keeper. i especially love the whipped frosting! YUMMY!

    • Kathleen

      Hey there Tahny! So glad you liked this! I’m with you on the frosting, girl!!!

  31. Shelly

    wondering if I can omit the jello, since its not good. or dou think it’s used to help thicken it?

    • Kathleen

      Hey Shelly! I’m sorry but I just don’t know. I’ve only made this cake with the gelatin in it.

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  34. Beti

    I’m having problems printing out the recipe too.

  35. Linda

    I can’t get it to print either!

  36. Linda

    Having trouble printing.

    • Kathleen

      Hey Linda and Beti! Sorry about that! Glich in the computer program. Hoping I fixed it!!!!

  37. Mary

    I made this delicious strawberry sheet cake and the people loved it!! Could I use the same recipe for a layer cake?

    • Kathleen

      Hey Mary. I think the cake will work out fine. I’m reluctant using the frosting in a layer cake though. So glad you made it and it was well received 🙂

  38. Martha Felix

    I made this cake in a 12X17 sheet cake (jelly roll) pan and it turned out perfectly. The only thing I altered was the cooking time: 25 minutes worked for me in this size pan. The cake is delicious and the icing is great! I will use the icing recipe for other cakes, omitting or reducing the lemon as needed for various flavors of cake.

    • Martha Felix

      Actually…I did alter one other thing: we are vegetarian, and so I used vegan strawberry jello powder ( and it worked great, the cake is a pretty light pink color, and it has a wonderful strawberry flavor and tender cake texture!

      • Kathleen

        Hey Martha. Thanks so much for your info! I love to know that the cake works in an actual sheet pan!!! LOL. Great tip about the vegan jello on amazon. Thanks again 😉

  39. kavya

    Hi Kathleen can I bake the cake in a round baking pan? Or does it have to be a sheet pan?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Kavya, I only make this recipe using the suggested pan because I LOVE the frosting and think it works best on a flat cake.

  40. Ann inniss

    This is the the second time I am making this cake. My family and friends love the surprise of the lemon. The second day it is the best. Make ahead is the best plan for this cake. I put it in the refrigerator and take it out two hours before service. It was fabulous. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    • Kathleen

      Hey Ann thanks so much for sharing your experience 🙂 So glad you liked it!

  41. Katy

    Just made this yummy cake last nite for my little grand-daughters 4th birthday. She wanted a “pink” cake and this one looked perfect on Pinterest, and it really was perfect! It was moist, light and had a slight lemon tang to it, with a cool and creamy frosting. And I especially loved that it was a “scratch” cake… I don’t like cake mixes!
    We decorated it up with the Princesses’ from Frozen, wrote Happy Birthday on it with some icing I whipped up, and stuck some candles on it, and she loved it !!
    Thanks for such a good recipe that I will keep making for a very long time !!

    • Kathleen

      HI Katy! Happy belated birthday to your grand daughter! So happy you liked this cake and most importantly the birthday girl liked it too!!!

  42. LJK

    Ok so I hate to waste stuff.. if we take out 2 tbsp of jello powder from the packaged, can we then make some jello on the side to use the rest up? Any idea on how much water to use in that case?

    • Kathleen

      Hi LJK, great idea! I haven’t experimented yet doing so. Sorry. I’d love to know if you figure it out 🙂

      • LJK

        I have this in the oven right now.. and it’s been in for 35 min and the top is brown but it’s most def not done.. it’s ..sloshy? Prayers..

        Anyway in the meantime I figured out the jello.. if you’re using a SMALL box of it, there are 6 tablespoons inside so using 2 for the cake leaves 4 left.. which is 2/3 of the package so you need 2/3 cup boiling water and 2/3 cup cold water to prepare the remaining jello.

        I live in Europe and have to have family in the USA mail me some grocery items, like jello.. so I hate to waste it 🙂

        I also cannot buy heavy cream here but was suggested to get whipping cream as it’s the highest fat content we can buy at 30%. (I live in The Netherlands)

        I’m making this cake for my mother in law’s birthday tonight so I reaaaally hope this comes out. I can’t find any reason for the slosh in the pan.. I followed the recipe exactly. I don’t have a stand mixer but have always made do without one so I can’t see that being the cause. I wlill let you know how it turns out!

        • LJK

          So.. it was good but very powerful. The only issue was that the cake was incredibly moist but maybe from the strawberry juice? It reminded me of strawberry shortcake. The frosting was the best part 😉

  43. Ellen

    Just made this cake for a baby shower, and it turned out GREAT! A few modifications:

    -Three 9″ tiers, so had to double the recipe exactly to fill the pans properly
    -Baked each for 42 mins
    -Used a Lemon Cream Cheese icing recipe instead of this one because this icing wouldn’t be strong enough.

    Can not say enough great things about this recipe. Some of the best cake I have EVER tried or made!!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Ellen! Wow that sounds like a Delicious combination! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Love hearing how you put it together!!!

  44. Gail McLean

    Just thought I’wld let u know., there is no such thing as jello in Australia .. We have gelatine (which is unflavored and has no colour) and we have jelly which u call jam but to us Aussie it is wobbly flavoured water based dessert.. It is difficult to
    Know what u r talking about when u refer to strawberry flavoured jello?? So I used what we call jelly crystals and had to add a food dye to get the pink colour as the crystals did not produce enuf colour., the recipe worked out well but I sure am
    Grateful u put in the size of the dish, even though we work in centimeters and not inches coz I wld have no
    Idea what a sheet pan is either., all in all., it’s a beautiful cake but in this global world, there are still differences in products, measurements and language but I
    Like a challenge and made all the conversions.. It’s not easy living down under sometimes! But we manage!

    • Kathleen

      Hello Gail. Well I’m glad theres a product to substitute for Jello. Thanks for sharing ypur experience 🙂

    • jenny

      Hi Gail , did you use a lamington size pan i,m in sydney a well ??

    • Nancy Allen

      Looking forward to your recipes

      • Kathleen

        Thank you Nancy 😉

  45. Dianne

    Hello I plan to bake this cake on Sunday, however I don’t like cream cheese in any form or fashion. Is there another lemon frosting recipe that I can use? Thanks

    • Kathleen

      Hi Dianne. This is the only frosting recipe I’ve tried with this cake. Any lemon butter cream would be great I’m sure 🙂

  46. Dawn B.

    What about an adjustment for high altitude Any ideas?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Dawn. Sorry but I have no experience baking at high altitude. I’m literally at sea level! Sorry again and good luck!!!

      • Dawn B.

        Thanks for your reply, Kathleen. I’ll let you know how it turns out at almost 5,000 feet of elevation. Happy Easter!

  47. Marie B

    SO SO GOOD! Brought me back to the wild strawberry fields on my grandparent’s farm when I was a child. Made it for our family Easter supper…huge success! Will use the frosting as a topping on other desserts.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Marie. I’m so happy to hear you liked the recipes and even happier to hear it stirred old memories. I think that’s the best when food does that!

  48. Nova

    I live in Sydney now but I’ve also lived in the States and the jello gelatin powder (not to be confused with the jello you mix with milk) is the same as the jelly in Oz, we just spell it a different way.
    Cake flour is another product we don’t have but 2 tablespoons in a cup measure and then all purpose flour to make up a full cup is a great substitute. I haven’t found a strawberry cake I like from scratch and there are literally hundreds on the internet, most of them come out a dull purplish colour and that could be because our butter is really yellow. But this one looks good so I will give it a whirl. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Nova. Thanks for your input. 😉 I hope you try the cake and enjoy it as much as we do!

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  50. Nova

    Thanks for your reply Kathleen I just looked at my comment and I left out the word cornflour or corn starch as you call it in the States. Add cornflour to plain flour to make cake flour.

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    • Kathleen

      Hi Debby, well, I have to say I worry about the frosting in the heat. The cream cheese and the whipped cream make it more perishable and for food safety require refrigeration.

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  54. Jennifer

    I made this to celebrate Mother’s Day last weekend and it was a hit! The cake and the frosting are both delicious, but the frosting really stood out for me – so light, fluffy, and delicious!

    • Kathleen

      Hey Jennifer! I’m so glad you enjoyed this for Mother’s Day! I agree the frosting is amazing! Thanks for sharing 😉

  55. Kavya

    Hi Kathleen,

    I am planning to bake this today. I rcake looks sumptious. Can i bake it as cupcakes?

    Or what about as round cake pan?


  56. Kavya

    Hi again:)

    I baked the cake batter in cupcakes. It is moist and yumm. But the sides of the cupcake have a light hard brown crust. Any idea why?

  57. Mike

    The recipe looks great, but your printable version is not working, it’s trying to print 11 pages.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Mike. I’m so so sorry!!! I contacted my tech person the day you left the comment. Trying to get it fixed! I really appreciate you letting me know!

  58. tammy

    Has anyone tried to freeze this yet?? Not the icing of

    • Kathleen

      Hi Tammy. I haven’t tried freezing this cake. Sorry, but I think the cake alone, without the frosting, should freeze very well. Keep me posted if you give it a try 🙂

  59. Deb S.

    I made this cake for a family birthday and it was an absolute success! Everyone loved it and my father has requested it for his birthday cake for next June. I’m making it tomorrow for some special guests and I’m sure they will love it. Thanks for the wonderful share.

    • Kathleen

      You’re so welcome Deb. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  60. Valerie Torres

    Hi Kathleen! I read through all of the comments to find a substitute for the Strawberry jello, as I haven’t found it here in Italy. I am hoping it is used just to intensify the flavor of strawberries. I will try using homemade strawberry jam to see if that works.. Also, I am making cupcakes!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Valerie. I can’t wait to hear how your cake comes out 🙂

  61. Salsa Dancer

    I’m going to make this to take to a party this Saturday!
    Must I limit the chopped strawberries to 2/3 cup each section (cake and icing) when I have so many?

    • Kathleen

      Hi Salsa Dancer. I’ve only made the recipe as I wrote it in the post. Sometimes extra strawberries can change the ratio of liquid ingredients to dry ingredients. Honestly, not sure how it would work in this recipe. I’d love to hear back from you if you try adding more 🙂

  62. Claudia

    Hi sorry to ask but can i substitute lemon for lime or that gives a different taste

    • Kathleen

      Hi Claudia. I haven’t tried using lime, but I think it should work out really well.

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  64. Terese

    OK, you convinced me, I’m baking this cake on Wednesday for a large ladies’ get-together! I can’t wait! Love that it is so from scratch and not just a bunch of boxed items all combined. Yay!! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Kathleen

      I hope you enjoy1 I think this is a really, really amazing recipe 🙂

    • Kathleen

      I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

      • Terese

        Sorry, I didn’t care for it that much. I was expecting more of a real cake but this seemed more like a cobbler without the fruit part. It was quite dense and just not soft and fluffy like cakes normally are. Not your fault, it just wasn’t for me. The frosting was good, although I think I would prefer it with the lemon flavor of lemon zest rather than the tartness of the actual juice. But still good, especially in the combination of the cake since it gave the cake itself more flavor.

  65. Lisa Johnson

    My daughter requested a strawberry lemonade cake for her 13th birthday. I stumbled across this recipe and thought I would give it a whirl. Delicious! My husband has even requested that I make this for his birthday 9 months from now! This night be a new birthday go to.

    • Kathleen

      Hello Lisa. Wow! I’m so happy your family liked the cake so much!

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