Carrot Salad new 02 This is a yummy Carrot Salad that my family just can’t get enough of!

It’s loaded with pineapple, raisins and pecans.

It’s really a snap to prepare and it goes great with just about everything.

We’ve been barbecuing a lot and everyone has been asking for me to make this to have as one of our side dishes.

I love that the fam is actually requesting and eating extra veggies!

It’s also been a big hit at the potlucks I’ve brought it to.

You can, of course, buy carrots already shredded carrots and put this together in about 2 minutes.

Honestly, I prefer to go the extra step and grate my own in the food processor because I think ultimately you get a finer grate on the carrots and the salad is a bit more tender.

The food processor makes the job pretty darn easy.

Carrot Salad Recipe notes:

I think this salad is best served right after it’s made.

Sometimes I’ve made it in the morning and served it at dinner and it’s frankly not as good.

It gets kind of dried out.

The carrots seem to absorb the dressing.

I like it best made within an hour of serving.

Also, my recipe has a bit of sugar in the salad.

You can completely omit it if you’d like.

The carrots and pineapple in the salad are definitely sweet on their own.

I think the added sugar just rounds out the dressing nicely.

Keep in mind, my family does like things on the sweet side!

If you don’t like nuts you can omit them.

I think they add a really nice crunch and a bit of richness though.

The salad will still be delish!

Walnuts would be a nice alternative to the pecans if you prefer them.

Carrot Salad

Serves 6-8

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