One Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac! Delicious, cheesy and gooey. Perfectly cooked pasta, meaty chili loaded with cheese all made together in ONE PAN!
Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac
This recipe for One Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac is really, really, really, a dream come true!

Three reallys?

Yes, three reallys!

Delicious pasta, yummy meaty chili and gooey cheese.

All made in one skillet?

No separate huge pot to boil the pasta.

No colander.

Easy clean-up?

Prepackaged shredded Mexican blend cheese is even preferred over buying cheese and shredding it yourself………….ah……….talk about easy and convenient!

Okay, so who cares about all that if it’s not super yummy?

Well, no fears!

Of course, this is super yummy!

Come on, you know it wouldn’t be on my blog if it wasn’t a winner!

I mean, even if this recipe wasn’t easy and convenient, I’d be making it just for it’s “delicious factor” alone!

This has become one of the recipes that’s gone right to the top of the dinner rotation.

The whole family LOVES it!

Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac

Recipe Notes:  

You can use any cheese you like in this recipe, but the Mexican cheese blend that comes already shredded is preferred.

The combination of cheeses helps bind the mixture together, add a bit of creaminess and, of course, gives the dish that delicious cheesy goodness we all love and expect!

I used Barilla Elbow pasta and measured out 2 cups.

I measured it in a dry measuring cup and it was pretty much level.

There may have been a few elbows that poked just above the line of level, but its not like it’s flour and you can easily level it off perfectly.

You don’t want to measure a heaping cup because it will affect the amount of water you need.

It worked out great!

Don’t forget to add the spices while you’re cooking the onion.

Doing it at this point reduces the harshness of the chili powder.

Generally, when you’re making a big pot of chili, you don’t need to do this because you cook the chili for quite a bit longer than this dish is cooked.

The longer cooking process does the same thing.

If you want to spice this dish up, add some red chili flakes when you add the chili powder.

My family is “heat adverse” so I make it as I’ve written it below :).

Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac Serves 4

Source: The Best Skillet Recipes

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