Rudolph Noses


I think these are one of the cutest little Christmas candies I’ve seen this year. They’re also easy peasy to make, are fun to make with kids, and make adorable Christmas gifts! Oh and they’re pretty darn yummy as well. What more could a simple candy offer?

They’re usually made with kisses but I think they’re much cuter and a lot tastier made with Rolo’s.  A lot of other people make Turtles switching the M & M with a pecan half. The deliciousness can be enjoyed sooo many ways! I used small pretzels but I think they’d be just as cute, if not perhaps a little cuter, made with mini pretzels.

If you want to make these with your kids, I suggest making a smaller batch, and transferring the candies from the hot cookie sheets to a plate or another cookie sheet that is room temperature. The kids are going to LOVE these adorable Rudolph Noses!



Rudolph Noses

By November 24, 2012



  1.  Preheating oven to 170 degrees or the lowest setting on your particular oven. (my ovens lowest setting is 225 degrees and my Rolo's were ready at the same time as the original recipe directed.)
  2. Meanwhile, unwrap Rolos and separate M&Ms.
  3. Cover a cookie sheet with a silpat or parchment paper and place pretzels in rows. Top each pretzel with a Rolo and bake for @ 4 minutes or until the Rolo is soft.
  4. If you're making these with kids, remove the warm pretzel/Rolos to a room temperature surface. I made mine on the cookie sheet. Push one red M&M (M side down) into each nose.  Let your completed noses sit out until they have hardened.

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  1. rebecca

    these are so cute will make with my kids

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