Harvey Wallbanger Cake

This is a wonderful recipe given to me by my Mother in Law. She was an amazing cook and baker. She absolutely loved food! I guess you could say she was a foodie before it became an “in” thing! She lived to cook. Imagine, before Food Network, Allrecipes and Food News.

Before blogging!!!

Was there ever really a time like that?

I love this cake. It starts with a cake mix so it’s quick to put together. It’s moist, tender and fabulously delish.

It get’s it’s name from the retro cocktail the Harvey Wallbanger. The cocktail is made with a mix of vodka, orange juice and a liqueur called Galliano.

The cake is topped with a fabulous glaze flavored with orange zest and coconut that finishes it off perfectly!

Harvey Wallbanger Cake 1


Harvey Wallbanger Cake

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