Orange Buttermilk Pound Cake

This orange cake is so delicious it’s like taking a bite of sweet sunshine! It’s loaded with amazing orange flavor.  The cake has a whopping 1/3 of a cup of freshly grated orange zest .  Now that is lots of orange flavor but that’s not the only orange deliciousness in this cake.  There’s also fresh orange juice in it.  Then, just to knock this cake straight out of the the ballpark, its coated while its warm with an orange syrup and then its covered in an orange glaze!

Hello orang-iliousness!

Orange Buttermilk Pound Cake Not only is this cake loaded with orange sunshine-yyyy flavor it’s got lovely moist pound cake texture. It makes a wonderful dessert for any spring or summer meal but  it’s also wonderful  as an ever so slightly decadent breakfast. 🙂

Next time I make a strawberry shortcake I think first I’ll make this cake and use it as a base. I think the orange and strawberry flavors will be incredible together!

Orange Buttermilk Pound Cake

RECIPE NOTE: Don’t skip lining the bottom of the loaf pans with parchment.  Sometimes the bottom of the cakes can stick a little bit and that, obviously, can mess up your presentation!

The orange soak is really, really, really yummmmy! Take my advice and don’t skip it! I like to brush it on just the tops a few times right when they come out of the oven.  When the cakes are taken out of the loaf pans to cool then, of course, I brush it on the tops and sides. I brush on as many layers as needed, allowing a few minutes in between for it to absorb, to use the entire soak. The original instructions call for the soak to be poured over the cakes but I find that, even done slowly, a lot is lost because the cakes take a while to absorb.

In my opinion the glaze is really optional. I personally always use it but the cakes made with the soak are plenty sweet.

Don’t overbake these cakes!

Each cake serves 6-8

Source: Ina Garten 

How about a Big ‘OL Pin?

Orange Pound Cake with Orange Syrup and Orange Glaze

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