Santa’s clearly lost some weight this year, but a few of these “wardrobe malfunction” treats will be just what the doctor ordered to get that belly nice and round (and his pants securely up!) before Christmas.

Santa's Wardrobe Malfunction

If you love cooking, you probably look forward to holiday baking more than any presents that might be headed your way in December.

I have a long list of must-haves for my family every year, and skipping them means a big ol’ blue Christmas at my house.

Some of those cookies and candies take hours, even days, to prepare, so I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to transform simple store-bought items into merry-making morsels. With just a little icing,

Hostess Ding Dongs become cute Santa Wardrobe Malfunction mini-cakes, which are sure to have your party guests “bending over” backwards to get their hands on them!

Hostess has been selling classic lunch box treats for almost a century (their chocolate cupcakes being the first), and they just introduced a white fudge-covered, vanilla version of the classic chocolate Ding Dong, a hand-held cake filled with fluffy white cream. They make the perfect canvas for some nice (okay, maybe a little naughty) decorations.

All this decorating uses royal icing which is the sweet stuff that creates those smooth, crisp, Martha-Stewart-esque decorations on your holiday sugar cookies. Unlike some recipes, I like to add vanilla extract to the icing mixture which actually makes it taste good in addition to looking pretty.

Another tip is using organic powdered sugar. It does cost a little more, but you’ll typically find cornstarch mixed with regular powdered sugar which can leave a slightly grainy mouth feel.

Organic versions use tapioca powder instead which I find creates a smoother end product. By the way, I use a lot of this during the holidays, and you can actually make a big batch and keep it in the fridge for a week or two. It just tends to separate when you do that, so you’ll need to whip it back into shape with your mixer before using it.

You’ll notice I also use gel food coloring instead of liquid. The liquid stuff is great for Easter eggs and other projects with a pastel palette. Gel food colorings create deep, vibrant colors, which is definitely what Santa wants on these mini-cakes for his rich red coat (what little we can see of it on these, anyway)!

These holiday treats are really so simple, the hardest part being waiting on the royal icing to try, but I think you’ll agree they’ll get lots of attention when you serve them! They’re guaranteed to get laughs, then lots of satisfied smiles.

I think I may still put “a new belt for Santa” on my Christmas shopping list, though.

Santa's Wardrobe Malfunction

Recipe Notes:

Royal the Right Way – If you want to make sure all the powdered sugar is dissolved, you can actually warm up the royal icing using a double boiler. Just heating it until it’s warm to the touch will help make sure the icing’s nice and smooth. If you have any concerns about the raw egg whites, you can even heat the mixture to 150 degrees to essentially pasteurize them.

Santa's Wardrobe Malfunction

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