Appeal to the entire age spectrum with the indulgent and satisfying blend of rich chocolate and peppermint in a happy little cookie!

Godiva Thumbprint Cookies

Topped with a burst of holiday cheer, the Hershey’s Kiss is America’s most popular chocolate since 1907 and crowns this dessert perfectly!

Our delicious cookie base starts out by creaming unsalted butter with white sugar and brown sugar together until fluffy. I love using brown sugar in my cookies, because it gives the cookies just the right amount of chewiness from the molasses in the brown sugar.

And you can’t have a peppermint chocolate cookie base without the chocolate. I knew that’s what you were waiting for too! Here is where we add in the Hershey’s cocoa powder. There’s even a dark chocolate cocoa by Hershey’s, so if you want to up the dark chocolate goodness here, go for it!

Then you add in the pure peppermint extract which pairs decadently with the chocolate and embodies the holidays perfectly.

Chocolate and peppermint together always reminds me of the winter holidays with the coolness of the peppermint resembling the weather outside and the warm notes of the chocolate resembling the warmth inside. Perfect combo!

So now that our cookie dough is combined nicely with the peppermint and chocolate, it’s time to add my happy little tip for ensuring that all cookies come out relatively the same size. Use a small ice cream scoop to scoop out the dough and then roll the dough into a ball by hand.

Make you sure you give them a little spreading room on the baking sheet too.

Oh! and while the cookies are in the oven, the most exciting part…ok, well one of the most exciting parts, is measuring out the one cup of Godiva chocolate chips (and if you have to “rescue” the 5 or 6 that conveniently fell out of the measuring cup,…I totally understand. Been there done that.)

Now melt those chocolate beauties either in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring between each time, until they are silky smooth, or you can melt them on the stove top over a double boiler. Either one will produce a great result.

Godiva Thumbprint Cookies

Another exciting part is unwrapping 24 Hershey’s peppermint kisses (and I think that counts as exercise). You might want to have the kids help you with this part too, if you can trust them.

When the cookies are finished baking, press a peppermint kiss into the top of each cookie while they are still soft and then for the grand finale, drizzle the top of each cookie with the melted Godiva chocolate.

You can dip a spoon into the melted chocolate and then move it back and forth over the top of the cookie for the drizzle effect and perfection is not important.

The torturous part is letting them set for about 10 minutes before indulging.

Both young and old will love these Godiva Peppermint Thumbprints and I hope that you give these simple yet delicious cookies a try this season. It’s my gift to you.

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