Pasta E Fagioli SoupPasta E Fagioli Soup
I love soup.
When the season changes from summer to fall, and the air just begins to turn crisp, the first thing on my menu is this delicious soup.
This is the first soup I’m posting this season, so you know I have to share one that I think is really very special.
I got your back my friend!
Let me take you to soup heaven.
Oh, this soup is special!!!
Pasta Fagioli soup is always a favorite, but this recipe is incredible!
It’s unbelievably rich and thick and hearty.
Everything you could ask for from a bowl of soup.
It’s full of beans, veggies, pasta and cheese.
It’s thickened by the cooking method and the addition of the Parmesan cheese.
No need to put half of the HOT soup in a blender and hope you don’t sustain third degree burns before dinner.
I say Yay to that!

Recipe Notes:
This recipe, as written, serves 4.
I always double it so I can have leftovers.
Frankly, I really love this soup even more the day after I make it.
I know, the pasta is a little mushy and you have to thin it out with a little water, but I think it’s even more delicious and that’s saying a lot.
Make sure you use a good low sodium chicken broth.
Because many of the ingredients in this soup have fairly high sodium if the chicken broth is also high sodium the soup can become too salty.
Yay, Fall!
The official season for SOUP!

Source: Chef Michael Ronis as seen in Carmines Family Style Cookbook