These Easy Crock Pot Pork Chops are unbelievably tender and smothered in an amazing mushroom and onion gravy!  Thick bone-in pork chops and slowly cooked in a gravy made with Cream of mushrooms soup and Cream of Celery soup so its easy to make and since its mixed with white wine, onions, mushrooms, herbs and seasonings, this dish will not disappoint!


Our Crock Pot Pork Chops recipe will take the worry out of making a dry pork chop! I mean, who wants a dry pork chop?!

Ever have a problem making tender, moist pork chops at home?

No worries, I’ve got your back.

There’s so much I love about this recipe!

It makes the most tender, I’m talking, cut with a fork, no knife required, tender pork chops!!!

Add a fabulous gravy. For some reason, the photos I shot didn’t really show off the delicious gravy! The gravy in this recipe is thick, flavorful and plentiful!!!

In fact, these could really be classified as Smothered Crock Pot Pork Chops!

Overall in this dish you’ve got Yummy!!!

Lip smacking, clean your plate, of course, I want seconds, kind of yummy.

Oh, and how about the fact that this is dang quick to put together?

Brown your chops, slice an onion, mix a few ingredients and………

Viola!   Best pork chops EVAH!!!

Let’s face it.

Crock Pot Pork Chops…….are the best!



It’s best to buy pork chops that have a good amount of marbling.

If the pork is too lean, the pork chops don’t come out quite as juicy.

Ask your butcher if you’re not sure.

Because today’s pork has been bred to be significantly leaner, it’s very, very easy to dry them out when you cook them on the stove top.

A quick browning in the skillet and then long slow cooking in the crockpot will change your pork chop cooking experience forever.

This recipe is very similar to the one my Mama used to make when I was growing up.

Over the years I’ve tweaked her recipe just a wee bit and here is what it’s evolved into!  This is the recipe my family loves and asks for all the time 🙂

Hubby can’t get this often enough!

My favorite side dish to serve this with is mashed potatoes.

Obviously, you can never go wrong with mashed potatoes, but they’re even more fabulous served with this recipe because it makes a scrumptious gravy!

Of course, rice is wonderful and buttered noodles work equally as well.

A green veggie or a salad and you’re “queen of the kitchen” my friend!

As the queen, it is absolutely your right to demand the rest of the family do all the dishes……

I pray they listen to you 🙂

Sometimes mine say they can actually see my imaginary tiara!

I hope you have better luck with your subjects, uh, I mean family members than I do! LOL


Recipe Notes For Crock Pot Pork Chops:

 Meat: Frankly selecting the right cut of the chop is the most important factor in achieving the results you are expecting.

This recipe can be made with bone-in pork chops or boneless.

I like to use the thickest cuts I can find. Anything from 3/4 of an inch thick to 2 inches works best. Again, the thicker the better for this recipe 🙂

Bone-In: My favorite cut to use in this recipe is a center cut loin chop with the bone in.

The thickness of the chop is very important.

I have the butcher cut them 2 inches thick.

They have a good amount of marbling and work perfectly in this recipe.

Boneless: In a pinch or when I want a lower calorie meal, I will use a boneless loin chop.

These are what I find most often in the display case, precut at my local grocery stores. They are usually lean and have virtually no marbling.

What I like about these chops is they’re easy to brown all at once in a 12-inch skillet so my morning prep time is a bit faster.

I also appreciate their low-fat content when I’m watching my waistline. When I’m making this recipe lower in fat I also make sure to use the 98% fat-free soups as well.

They come out deliciously fork tender in this recipe, but they aren’t super juicy. The juicy factor can only be achieved with a fattier cut of pork.

I think it’s especially important to watch your cooking time with this cut.

I like to cook this lean cut of meat just until it’s fork-tender and no longer. They don’t seem to benefit from super long extended cooking like fattier cuts do.

Veggies: The recipe calls for one onion and 2 cups of sliced mushrooms.

The veggies flavor the gravy as it cooks and gives it a nice chunky texture when it’s finished.  If for some reason you forget to buy either of these items at the grocery store, no worries the gravy will still be amazing!

I generally use cremini mushrooms or white button. The Cremini are my favorite because I like their flavor the best. Both are equally great choices.

I also buy them pre-sliced. I love that they come already washed and sliced and all I have to do is dump the whole container in the crock pot!


To Brown or Not to Brown:

Don’t skip browning the chops.

It’s an important step that seals in moisture and keeps the finished pork chop juicy.

This step, obviously adds extra time and clean up to my morning prep, but I think a juicer pork chop is well worth it in the end.

Size and Fit:

I use a large 6-quart oval crock pot to cook my chops.

2 large 2 inch thick chops will feed 4 people.

Four bone-in chops are a tight fit but I’ve made them many times in my crock pot.

The boneless chops are significantly easier to fit in.

After they’re all done the cooking and you’re ready to pull them out of the slow cooker make sure you use a large spatula to scoop them out.

They can be very delicate when they’re this tender, so they can easily fall apart if you don’t get under them.


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Crock Pot Pork Chops-Smothered in Mushroom And Onion Gravy!

These Easy Crock Pot Pork Chops are unbelievably tender and smothered in an amazing gravy! Thick bone-in pork chops slowly cooked in a gravy made with Cream of Mushrooms soup and Cream of Celery soup so its easy to make and its mixed with wine, onions, mushrooms, herbs and seasonings, this dish will not disappoint!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 23 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 135 kcal
Author Kathleen


  • 4--1 3/4 Inch Inch Thick Center Cut Loin Chop See Recipe Notes For Other Alternatives
  • 2 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Small Onion Sliced
  • 16 Ounces Fresh Mushrooms Sliced
  • 2 Cans 10 1/2 Ounce Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • 1 Can 10 1/2 Ounce Condensed Cream of Celery Soup
  • 1/2 Cup White Wine
  • 1 Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Dried Thyme Leaves
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper


  1. Pat Pork Chops with paper towels to remove any moisture. Season pork with salt and pepper  Heat oil in a skillet until it shimmers.  Cook pork chops in skillet 2 to 4 minutes, turning once, until brown.

  2. Place the pork in a single layer in crock pot. Top with sliced onions and mushrooms.

  3. In a small bowl, mix all the other ingredients and evenly pour over pork and vegetables. Cook on low for 6-7 hour or until pork is tender.

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Nutritional Information

Nutrition information will vary based on the specific products. To be safe, check the nutrition facts labels of your products. Optional object listed above have been left out of nutritional data.

Nutrition Facts
Crock Pot Pork Chops-Smothered in Mushroom And Onion Gravy!
Amount Per Serving
Calories 135 Calories from Fat 72
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 8g 12%
Saturated Fat 5g 25%
Cholesterol 2mg 1%
Sodium 24mg 1%
Potassium 445mg 13%
Total Carbohydrates 7g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 3g
Protein 4g 8%
Vitamin C 5.8%
Calcium 1.2%
Iron 4.4%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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