Mama’s Old Fashioned Chili
Chili is one of those dishes that I totally LOVE. You add all these ingredients into a single pot, simmer for a while and something truly magical happens. The flavor of the chili transcends its humble, individual ingredients. This is a recipe I have developed over the years. It’s a bit unusual, in that, in the beginning, it’s a bit soupy.  I like to add a lot of very flavorful liquid early on and let them reduce, thicken and intensify as the chili simmers away. I think it makes a lot more sense than thinning a chili with water ( not any flavor ) at the end. Don’t be afraid to use the coffee it you happen to be one of those people who don’t like coffee. There’s absolutely no coffee flavor in the chili. Btw,  there’s no taste of beer in the end product either. I guess its part of that magic thing that happens with chili. You can adjust the heat in the chili by adding more or less jalapenos. As written, this has just a wee bit of heat to my taste. I’m kind of wimpy though to be honest. This chili will make a perfect game day meal. I hope you give it a try. Enjoy!