Lemon White Chocolate Cookies 1

A couple of weeks ago my hubby came home and told me we were invited to one of his friends’ houses for a barbecue.  This was a new friend of his I hadn’t yet met.  I of course ask what we were going to bring and he said his friend insisted that all the food was taken care of and there wasn’t anything we could bring.  So, I decided there was absolutely NO way I could got to this shindig empty handed.  I mean of course I was going to bring a bottle of wine but for heaven sakes, I thought it would be horribly ungracious to walk in to a bbq and meet a new friend for the first time, without something homemade.

Cookies seemed like the perfect solution. I mean who the heck doesn’t like a delicious plate of home baked cookies! Honestly, I find them to be totally irresistible and these cookies are really, really irresistible!  They have a cheery and brite quality to them 🙂  and a deliciously  substantial lemon flavor that is produced by not only a generous amount of fresh lemon zest but also a bit of lemon extract. The lemon flavor is complimented by a generous amount of white chocolate chips. With a flavor combo like this you know these babies have a whole lot of YUM going on!

Lemon White Chocolate Cookies

Recipe Notes: This recipe produces a fairly thick dough so definitely use a hand held electric mixer.  Before I bake the cookies I flattened the dough slightly, still leaving them fairly thick, so they will bake up chewy. Since the dough is made with all butter, and not a combo of butter and shortening, the more you flatten them the crisper they’ll be. That said if you decide to flatten them a lot you’ll need to shorten the baking time…….they’re so delicious thick I’d keep them that way!

So the bbq was a blast! We had a great time.  These cookies were a total hit! I was really happy I brought them 🙂  I hope you give these a try! If you love lemon these are the cookies for you!

Makes 24-28 Cookies

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Source:Adapted from  Guittard