Move over chicken parm, our Italian Dressing Chicken packs in Italian flavors & takes 5 minutes to assemble! Add pasta & veggies for a quick midweek meal!

Italian Dressing Chicken with pasta salad and greens on a plate

I love a dish that is super simple to make but tastes like you slaved for hours in the kitchen! Italian Dressing Chicken is at the top of that list. The moist chicken bursts with flavor from the Italian dressing and herbs and the crispy parmesan crust sets it all off perfectly.

Everyone will swear you were basting and baking for hours to create this delicious feast! It’ll be our little secret that you assembled it in under five minutes!

Italian recipes are always so flavorful, and Italian Dressing Chicken is no exception. Very similar to baked chicken thighs Italian dressing recipes, we use Italian dressing to pack a flavor punch. However, I prefer juicy, skin-on chicken breasts to soak up all the fantastic Italian flavor.

This a perfect main dish for busy mid-week suppers but feels fancy enough for Sunday supper too!

How to Make Italian Dressing Chicken?

One of the best things about this recipe is its simplicity! To begin, marinate the chicken in Italian dressing for about 35-45 minutes. Pour it all into a baking dish and cook for about 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the chicken. The magic of Italian Dressing Chicken happens in the last step. Sprinkle on parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning and broil until the skin of the chicken gets crispy and delicious!

Want to fire up the grill instead of the oven? Use this versatile recipe to make Italian Dressing Chicken grilled instead of baked. You’ll miss out on the crispiness from the broiling, but the overall taste will still be fantastic!

There are Italian Dressing Chicken stove top versions, but they require much more attention. I love the baked version for the flexibility to walk away while it’s cooking. Why complicate something so beautifully easy that creates such stunning results? Keep it simple!  

1. Preheat oven to 350 °F. Place chicken breast in a resealable plastic bag. Pour just enough dressing in the bag to cover all the chicken pieces. Seal, removing excess air.

Placing chicken breasts and Italian dressing in a resealable plastic bag.

2. Place bag on a rimmed cookie sheet. Refrigerate for 30-45 minutes.

Chicken Breasts with marinade in a resealable plastic bag.

3. In a baking dish, arrange chicken, skin side down in a single layer. Pour marinade over chicken. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and turn chicken. Bake for 12-18 minutes or until cooked through. Remove chicken from the oven and sprinkle each breast with Italian Seasoning and parmesan cheese. Broil until cheese is melted and golden brown.

Chicken breasts with marinade in a baking dish.

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Italian Chicken?

Italian Chicken comes together with only four ingredients! Typically, it is made with chicken breasts- skin on. Boneless, skinless breasts don’t produce the same flavorful and juicy results. Of course, for Italian Dressing Chicken thighs work fine- especially if that’s what you’ve got in the freezer! You’ll simply need to adjust cooking times. I’ve also found that kiddos love Italian Dressing Chicken drumsticks because they can pick them up and eat them with their fingers! Once you’ve identified your choice of chicken, you need a bottle of Italian dressing, parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning.

No Need To Make A Special Italian Chicken Marinade!

Let’s keep life simple! You have a plethora of Italian Chicken Marinade to choose from on your local grocery store shelf. Just pick a good commercial Italian salad dressing, and your marinade is done! I used Bernstein’s Cheese and Garlic Italian Dressing with phenomenal results! Other popular creations include Kraft Italian Dressing Chicken and Good Seasons Italian Dressing Chicken recipes. Experiment with the many different variations of Italian Dressings just begging to become your next marinade!

Can You Make Baked Italian Chicken Ahead Of Time?

Baked Italian Chicken is a great midweek meal and works best if you set it up ahead of time. Toss your chicken and marinade in a ziplock bag and tuck it in the fridge on your way out in the morning or even the night before. The longer chicken hangs out in the marinade, the more flavor it absorbs. Marinating also helps tenderize the meat and builds up moisture. Always marinate in the fridge!

Italian Dressing Chicken with pasta salad and greens on a plate

What Do You Serve With Italian Chicken Recipes?

Italian Chicken Recipes can be paired with a variety of things. Italian Dressing Chicken and rice pair together nicely, especially with a side of steamed veggies. Our Mediterranean Salad with olives, tomatoes, cheese, and one of my favorite dressings of all time goes beautifully with Italian Chicken recipes – and pretty much everything else in my opinion! Of course, traditional sides of pasta or garlic bread are also fantastic options!

Can This Be Used To Make Italian Chicken Soup?

Italian Dressing Chicken is a great way to flavor chicken for a variety of dishes that call for Italian flavors. Italian Chicken Soup is a perfect way to use up leftovers- if there are any! You can easily cook extra chicken for soup the next day!

Try Italian Chicken Cacciatore Next!

A true classic, Italian Chicken Cacciatore sounds fancy, but it is a rustic dish that hails back to the Renaissance era. Traditionally made by hunters with whatever they were able to catch for dinner, today’s cacciatore is almost always made with chicken. Italian Chicken Cacciatore uses a whole chicken and braises it in an aromatic sauce full of vegetables and herbs. It’s Italian comfort food at its finest!

Don’t stop with Cacciatore! We’ve got plenty more Italian meals to tempt your tastebuds! Our Italian Stuffed Peppers are stuffed to bursting with meaty marinara and cheese. Of course, you can’t think Italian without thinking meatballs. My Italian Baked Meatballs are so easy to make and feed a crowd. Top them with my Italian Sunday Gravy or a marinara sauce of your choice, and you’ve got Little Italy in your own kitchen!

Italian Dressing Chicken with pasta salad and greens on a plate

Recipe Notes for Italian Dressing Chicken Recipe:

Safe Food Handling- Make sure you’re up to date on proper food handling practices when dealing with raw chicken! Remember when making this Italian Dressing Chicken recipe that the times listed in the instructions are guidelines. Internal temperature for whatever cut of chicken you use must get to 165° for safe consumption!

Broiling Basics- Broiling is a great way to add crispiness to a dish, but you have to keep an eye on it! It is so easy to burn things with your broiler! If you have a traditional oven with the broiler in the top, place the baking dish on the highest shelf. Start low- if you have multiple broiler settings- and watch for a few minutes. If it isn’t melting the cheese, then bump it up. Last bit of advice- watch it like a hawk! You can go from kitchen hero to kitchen zero in less than a minute!

Baking Dish- I use a 15X10 inch pyrex baking dish  a 9X13 inch just wasn’t quite big enough to accommodate 6 large pieces of chicken. If you have another type of larger baking dish feel free to use it.


Italian Dressing Chicken

Move over chicken parm, our Italian Dressing Chicken packs in Italian flavors & takes 5 minutes to assemble! Add pasta & veggies for a quick midweek meal!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6 servings
Calories 447 kcal
Author Kathleen




  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

  2. Place chicken breast in a 1-gallon resealable plastic bag. Pour just enough dressing in the bag over chicken to cover all the chicken pieces. (I used about 2/3's of the bottle). Seal bag, removing as much air as possible. Place bag on a rimmed cookie sheet and refrigerate 30-45 minutes.

  3. In a 15X10 inch pyrex baking dish, arrange chicken, skin side down,  in a single layer. Pour marinade over chicken. Bake chicken in preheated oven for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and turn chicken skin side up. Bake 12-18 minutes, or until cooked through. (depending on the thickness of chicken). Turn oven to broil.

  4. Remove chicken from oven and sprinkle each breast generously with Italian Seasoning the top with 2-3 Tablespoons Parmesan cheese. Broil chicken until cheese is melted and golden brown. Serve

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Nutritional Information

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Nutrition Facts
Italian Dressing Chicken
Amount Per Serving (1 /6 of the recipe)
Calories 447 Calories from Fat 297
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 33g 51%
Saturated Fat 9g 45%
Cholesterol 83mg 28%
Sodium 1271mg 53%
Potassium 263mg 8%
Total Carbohydrates 7g 2%
Sugars 2g
Protein 31g 62%
Vitamin A 4.5%
Calcium 21.5%
Iron 6.1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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