Mexican Cream Cheese Crock-Pot Chicken!



This recipe is a best friend to any busy person!


You throw everything in the Crock-Pot
in the morning and when you come home you shred the chicken, add the cream cheese and serve it on tortillas or over rice.

Of course, that’s true of many slow cooker recipes.


The best thing about this one, and what separates it from many others, is that everyone will LOVE it.

No, you won’t see this recipe printed on the pages of Bon Appetit, but let me tell ya, this will be a huge hit with the fam!

It’s good old fashion family style home cooking.

It’s perfect for your busy fall schedule!

You know the drill, soccer practice, ballet lesson, math tutor, band practice, back to school night.  Yikes!

Serves 6-8


This is a great Crock Pot. It’s the one I use all the time! Love the removable crock because it’s easy to clean and pretty enough to use as a serving dish! It’s hugely popular on Amazon and really highly rated in customer reviews!