Okay, so let’s face it…..we all have our favorite party dips.  The one’s we make all the time…….the one’s people insist we make every time we come to an event………..but if you’re not bringing this dip, my friend, in my ever so humble opinion, you’re doing yourself a disservice!

If you glance at the list of ingredients you can tell right away this is gonna be a delicious one!  I mean…….seriously!  How can you go wrong with anything that has sour cream, cream cheese and cheddar in it!  Well, not only does this incredible dip have all that, it has a few other key ingredients that all combine together to create  dip heaven!!!! Then imagine heating it all up and having an ooey gooey deliciousness that’s beyond words…………..


The recipe couldn’t be easier………………the only minor effort required is carving out a loaf of unsliced French bread to create an edible vessel to heat the dip up in.  Who doesn’t love bring an appetizer to a party  in an edible container…..I mean……………shut the front!!!!!! No dish to wash or have to remember to bring home after the party. If for some reason you want to skip this step, no worries.  This dip alone is more than delicious enough to simply heat up in a baking dish.  You can use sliced deli ham, chopped, or if you happen to have any leftover baked ham use that of course!

Next time you need an appetizer I hope you give this dip a try! My family goes crazy for this one.  It’s my son’s absolute favorite! When I make it for him there isn’t even any bread bowl left over!!! He and his friends devour the dip, and bread bowl and literally ask why I don’t make 2! LOL 🙂  Gotta love it!

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