Stuffed Pepper Soup

I love this soup!

It has that yummy combination of sweet and savory that I’m absolutely crazy about.

It’s like a delicious bowl of deconstructed stuffed peppers with a delicious broth.

Stuffed Pepper Soup


Look at how hearty this soup is.

It’s meaty and has lots of yummy peppers and tomatoes.

Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe Notes: 

I like to mince my onions so that I don’t get a big chunk in my finished soup.

I like to chop my peppers small enough so I get a few in each spoonful of soup.

Feel free to chop to whatever size you like.

I used a red, orange and yellow pepper.

This would also be wonderful with green bells too!

This soup is pretty darn sweet.

If you’d like a less sweet version you can simply cut down the brown sugar or omit it all together.

I truly love it the recipe just as it’s written, but you can customize it so it’s just right for you!