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Author: Kathleen Smith

Cranberry Apple Bourbon Cocktail

My Cranberry Apple Bourbon Cocktail is the perfect way to get your jolly on! Hard cider and bourbon, infused with cranberries and apples, come together in this smooth, colorful cocktail guaranteed to warm you all the way to your toes. For me, the holidays are all about sleigh bells ringing and glasses clinking, and a festive, cocktail, full of fall and winter flavors, is a great way to get the merry-making started! You can mix up a few of these highballs for some close friends or make punchbowls-full for a big get-together. It’s sweet and tart, a perfect balance...

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Reindeer Nutter Butter Treats

All the other reindeer loved Rudolph, and all your party guests will love these happy little guys. The only thing better than a Nutter Butter is one dipped in chocolate, and these Reindeer will make you even more popular than the red-nosed guy who saved Christmas! Guys, I have a little problem when it comes to peanut butter. I may or may not have a jar stashed under my car seat right now with some disposable spoons. It’s really not my fault, though. It’s hard to abstain when it manages to make its way into sweet and savory dishes! Peanut butter cookies, crisp buttery edges full of sweet peanutty flavor, with the signature sugar-glazed crisscross pattern that makes extra crispy bits on top, yeah, they’re a real weakness. Easy access to something like Nutter Butters at the store has pretty much secured my seat in peanut butter anonymous. I’m here today to lure you over to the brown side too by sharing these seemingly innocent Reindeer Nutter Butter treats. Trust me, you’ll be commiserating with me in my peanut butter coma soon enough! Whether someone first dunked their chocolate in peanut butter or smeared peanut butter all over someone else’s chocolate, you almost always find the rich, dark Aztec contribution to the world whenever there’s peanut butter nearby. We won’t break from that tasty tradition here. You’ll just dip...

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Reindeer Sugar Cookies

 You can skip the fancy cookie cutters for these delightful little deer. They’re made from buttery sugar cookie dough and dressed to impress guests, hostesses, or even a jolly old elf. If you’ve ever been stuck in a big group trying to figure out where to go for dinner you know just how impossible it is to satisfy everyone at once. Decisions can be hard, especially when there are lots of different opinions (and desserts!) to consider, but I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie. They’re simple but full of buttery flavor, with just a...

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Three Bean Salad

They say three’s a crowd, but it’s a winning number in my Three Bean Salad! This colorful concoction of beans soaked in a tangy, subtly sweet marinade will be an awesome potluck addition or an amazing side for any meal. Marinades are magic makers. They can turn a tough-as-leather steak into a tender, flavorful feast or a dry chicken breast into a juicy sandwich centerpiece. Heck, they can even elevate something as bland as tofu into a savory substitute for that steak. Guess what else they’re good for? Salads! No, not a big green monster of a salad, but...

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Santa’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Santa’s clearly lost some weight this year, but a few of these “wardrobe malfunction” treats will be just what the doctor ordered to get that belly nice and round (and his pants securely up!) before Christmas. If you love cooking, you probably look forward to holiday baking more than any presents that might be headed your way in December. I have a long list of must-haves for my family every year, and skipping them means a big ol’ blue Christmas at my house. Some of those cookies and candies take hours, even days, to prepare, so I’m always on...

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