Turkey Burgers 1 I love summer grilling.  It’s my favorite way to cook when the temperature heats up.  I must confess, however, that living in southern California, it’s almost always the right weather to grill.  I feel mighty spoiled!  So, we love to grill! There’s something about summer that somehow makes it special though.  Maybe it’s just being outside. It feels more like fun than any form of work.  Maybe it’s that I don’t have to clean my pain-in-the-neck cook top after dinner!!! Whatever the reason,  the food seems just a bit more delicious when it’s grilled. We always seem to grill lots of chicken and steak but lately I’ve been on the lookout for a really good turkey burger recipe.  I’ve tried lots of different recipes and finally, finally found one that the whole family loved.  This recipe makes a moist and flavorful turkey burger and is relitively quick and easy to put together.  Really all you do is add a few ingredients to the turkey, blend to combine and you’re off to the grill.  Easy Peasy and great for weeknights when we’re all pinched for time!

Recipe notes: These burgers are a bit more delicate than your average beef burgers so there are a few things that I’ve found that are important when grilling these babies.  Make sure that you oil your grill so they stick less. Turkey has less fat than most beef used to make burgers so they tend to stick to the grill more.  I mean A LOT more.  It’s honestly the one drawback to these burgers!  They have really great “meaty” flavor that I’ve found to be unrivaled in a turkey burger.  They also have terrific texture and moisture……especially for a turkey burger!!!  So I tolerate this drawback as stoically possible.  Swearing profusely seems to help……

Don’t squish them down with a spatula….ah come on! We all do it to try and get things, especially burgers, to cook faster. This will dry out your turkey burgers so, don’t do it, even when no one is looking! LOL!

Just like when you cook other burgers, don’t move them around a lot as they’re grill.  Just flip them once during the cooking time.

If you’re in search of a moist, tender and tasty turkey burger give this one a try!

Serves 4

Source: Cook’s Country Best Grilling Recipes