Here’s a recipe for simple, homey banana cake that I absolutely love!

This cake is so delicious that the first time I made it, I couldn’t even get a photograph of it.

My family ate it so quickly that it didn’t even get served on plates….it was devoured straight out of the pan!

What a bunch of barbarians! But hey, I guess, they’re my barbarians…..LOL.


This cake is moist, deliciously tender and fairly fluffy.

It’s obviously much lighter than a typical heavy banana bread, but not as light as, say, a chiffon cake.

I think the photo gives you a good idea of the texture.

It makes a great snack cake, breakfast treat, or sweet end to a casual meal.

It’s also wonderful for potlucks.  It makes a generous 9X13 size pan.

If you do bring this to a potluck, however, consider making 2 cakes because its soooo delicious, it will be gone before you know it!

Bring this yummy banana cake and you, my friend, will be the belle of the potluck.  Please just don’t let your new found popularity go to your head!



Recipe Notes: 

This cake is baked in a very unconventional method.

The oven temperature is set very low (275 degrees) then when the cake is just finished baking it is immediately placed in a freezer.

The temperature that is given is not a mistake.  This baking method seems weird…..I know!

Just go with it and you will have, quite possibly, the best, moistest banana cake that you’ve ever tasted.

You test the cake for doneness via the standard toothpick method so you know for sure the cake is actually baked properly.

I hate using unconventional baking methods that don’t have this fail safe because they never work for me!


Because the cake goes directly from a hot oven to the freezer, I suggest you use a metal baking dish.

With these sharp temperature changes you run the risk of cracking a glass baking dish.

The photos in this post show the cake in a glass Pyrex baking dish.

I have baked it many times in this dish, following the recipe exactly, and had no problem.

Honestly, you just don’t know with 100% certainty that the dish won’t crack.

Pryex was originally made differently and, as I understand it, originally it could withstand sharp temperature changes.

Todays Pyrex isn’t quite the same, so to be on the safe side, bake this cake in a metal baking dish 🙂


Make sure you use very ripe bananas to ensure a deep, rich banana flavor.

Oh, and clear out a space in your freezer before you even start baking.

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Serves 12~Depending On How You Cut The Cake