Double Chocolate Snowballs

Looking for a delicious new Holiday cookie to try?

Well, I’m super excited to share this new Double Chocolate Snowball Cookies with you!

Rich, tender, double chocolate, cookies that aren’t too sweet and have a luscious thick coating of powdered sugar.

Little bites of joy I tell you!

These cookies are a rift on every ones favorite holiday cookie Snowballs, aka Russian Tea cookies, aka Mexican Wedding cookies.

They’re every bit as delicious and maybe just a little more addictive given their chocolate base.

Well, their double chocolate base that is.

These babies are loaded with a double whammy of chocolate with cocoa powder and then an entire bag of mini chocolate chips!

More chocolate flavor to love!

Oh, and another great thing is that the nuts generally found in Snowball cookies are replaced with mini chocolate chips.

These are the perfect little holiday treat for all the people on your list who aren’t especially fond of nuts.

Double Chocolate Snowballs

Double Chocolate Snowballs

Recipe Notes:

This recipe is pretty straight forward and easy. Make the dough, chill it, roll the dough into balls, bake them and roll them into powdered sugar.

Viola! Yummy double chocolate snowballs!!!

If you’re super pressed for time you can skip the chill time. Your cookies might come out a little flatter, if you do so, but they’ll still be delish.

The cookies are especially delicate when they’re warm, so be very gentle when rolling them in the powdered sugar. I must admit I broke a few, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I got to “taste test” the broken ones.

Don’t skip the second roll in powdered sugar. It really gives the cookies a heavenly coating.

Double Chocolate Snowballs

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Source: Adapted Slightly From Allrecipes