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Author: Kathleen Smith

Pollo Asado Recipe

Put a Mexican spin on your grilled chicken with this Pollo Asado Recipe. Smoky, spicy, tangy and tasty, this dish has it all, and your backyard BBQs will be the most popular ones on the block! While you may not be able to translate all the items on a Mexican restaurant menu, I suspect you can navigate through enough of the Spanish to find your favorite things (assuming you make it past the queso and margaritas).  If you’re in a beefy mood, you’ll choose a carne dish, classic entrees like Enchiladas Chili con Carne or Carne Guisada. Chicken-lovers will look...

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Red Velvet Oreo Brownies

It’s perfect for bake sales or just for an after-dinner treat! Looking for a fun alternative to red velvet cake? Try this red velvet Oreo truffle! It’s super easy to make – you’ll use red velvet cake mix (I like Duncan Hines) and Oreos, with a few other simple ingredients. My recipe for red velvet Oreo truffle brownies calls for holiday Oreos. You know the cookies I’m talking about – Oreos come in pastel colors in spring, and reds and greens around the holidays. You’ll even find orange Oreos around Halloween. You can certainly use the classic black and...

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Fried Eggplant

Rich, purple beauties get the crispy treatment in this Fried Eggplant recipe, a simple but satisfying dish that’s all about texture. A little patience, and the anticipation of munching on a crunchy piece, will make frying fun! Between fast-food chains and county fair booths, you might assume frying funnel cakes, French fries, or Oreos is an effortless endeavor. The truth is there’s a touch of technique to getting everything just right. Do you pan-fry or deep-fry? Use flour, batter, or breading? What about the oil? How hot is too hot, and can I manage a vat of frying liquid...

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Beef Chow Mein

Easy Beef Chow Mein. Crisp veggies, tender beef, and eggy noodles. Chinese food right at home! Your family will Love this Beef Chow Mein. Anyone else think noodles should be an official food group? Chewy udon, tender tagliatelle, delicate spaetzli . . . this class of soft, doughy delights is just as essential as any of the other groups, right?! Italians aren’t the only ones who have noodles down to a science. Asian cuisine does too, and all that textural magic makes this one killer dish. It’s time for some ​Beef Chow Mein fun! I’ll show you how to...

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Creole Sauce

Jazz up dinner time with this authentic Creole Sauce recipe. Simple ingredients create a complex sauce guaranteed to start a Louisiana fete at your dining table! Each state has its own “origin” dish, the one sweet or savory treat considered its culinary claim to fame. In Alabama? Fried green tomatoes. Maine? The lobster roll. Ohio? Buckeye balls. Only one state, though, has constructed an entire, world-renowned cuisine, one inspired by the French but built on ingredients and seasonings and dishes that are uniquely theirs. This Creole Sauce is one little piece of the puzzle that is the amazing food...

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