Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!  I think they wrote that saying for this recipe.  In my book, this dish has everything going for it.  It’s really, really delicious.  It has a wonderful Asain flavor yet is made with simple to find ingredients. Yay! That means I don’t have to look all over town for hard to find groceries.  Best of all, the entire family loves this dish and everyone is happy when I make it for dinner!

This recipe calls for the chicken to be browned in a skillet before you cook it in the crock pot. As much as I LOVE the “dump everything” type of crock pot recipes, this one is worth the extra step.  The browning gives the chicken a richer better flavor and better keeps the chicken in whole pieces rather than shreds.

I like to serve this over simple cooked white or brown rice accompanied by a cucumber salad.

Source: 365 Days of Slow Cooking via The Girl Who Ate Everything