Brownie Cookies 1

Okay! Sooo I was having a major chocolate craving this week………you know the kind I’m talking about! I wanted something GOOD…………no store bought mediocrity!!!! If I was going to indulge it had to be something really yummy! Something rich, delicious, decadent, something brownie-ish!  Aha! I knew just the thing Brownie Cookies! These cookies have the rich chocolaty decadence of brownies but they have more surface crackle. Just the thing to satisfy the chocolate monster cravings!

Recipe Notes: These cookies are really easy to put together. I like to melt my chocolate in the microwave; It seems like it makes the process significantly easier, and as an added bonus, I don’t have an extra pan from the double boiler to clean when I’m done. Super yay! If you prefer to melt your chocolate and butter mixture over the more conventional double boiler, please do. If you do so, I would suggest you allow it to cool a few extra minutes before it is added to the rest of the recipe.

I hope you put these cookies on your “to try list”!  They really are wonderfully delicious. The perfect handful of brownie! If you have any leftover, (I can’t imagine how you could) they freeze well too! By the way, I also made these about a month ago and planned on bring them to a potluck, well, my fam started in on them and there were so few left I had to make something else to take!

Makes 2 1/2 dozen
Brownie Cookies 2

Brownie Cookies 1


Source:Southern Living

Brownie Cookies 03