Grilled Chicken

This is, “That Recipe”.

The one you use all the time.

The simple.

The easy.


I think most everyone has a recipe like this.  I

t’s the one you pull out when you want a, “nothing fancy,” but absolutely delicious, type of down home satisfying grilled meal.

I usually prepare this on a gas grill but it would definitely be great on a charcoal grill.

I’ve had the hardest time lately using my Weber.

I absolutely love the added flavor charcoal grilling imparts on food, but after using a Weber exclusively for the last five years I’m finding it hard to stay motivated to do the extra work it requires.

I’m not alone in my family…………Hubby and Baby Boy are feeling the same way!

Why couldn’t we take turns being lazy?

Everyone is in ‘the gas grill camp’ these days.

Is anyone else out there feeling the same way?

Recipe Notes:

This recipe is best when marinated overnight.

Six to eight hours will do in a pinch, but it honestly is much, much better when marinated overnight.

The balsamic vinegar gives the chicken a nice sweetness.

The recipe has a couple of onions in the marinade.

They, of course, add great flavor but also make a nice veggie side.

Cut the onion fairly thick, so it’s easier to flip when you’re grilling.

I generally grill plain peppers and corn that have not been marinated alongside to round out the meal.

Source: A Family Feast