Our Dorito Taco Salad is made with Nacho Doritos, Zesty Taco Meat, Lotsa Cheese and MORE. Double it for your next Potluck or serve it for Taco Tuesday!

Dorito Taco Salad on a plate with fork

There are two types of people in this world. People who love tacos and those who can go without. While I don’t fully trust the latter, I completely respect their opinion. I am also a firm believer that my Dorito Taco Salad can and will change their minds. So delicious and incredibly fresh, Dorito Taco Salad is a summer must-have. A cold taco salad is always a hit at cookouts and graduation parties, and this recipe is a cinch to work at both. Also, have you ever even met anyone who doesn’t like Doritos? No, you have not. This easy taco salad recipe will have everyone you know, even those taco haters, wanting to know exactly how you made it!


  • Nacho Doritos, I mean They Are Sooo Yummy In This Salad.
  • The Taco Meat Mixture Is Loaded With Flavor~It’s Zesty, Savory And A Little Sweet From The Beans!
  • It’s Easy To Double Or Triple Which Makes It Perfect For Bring To A Potluck
  • My Hubby LOVES This Salad!

What Is Dorito Taco Salad?

A taco, but in salad form. Dorito taco salad takes all the flavor you love from tacos, and adds hearty additions such as freshly diced onions, chili beans and Catalina dressing combined and simmered with the ground meat. While my recipe does call for chili beans specifically, you can’t go wrong making Dorito taco salad with kidney beans, as the all recipes Dorito taco salad suggests. Instead of a shell, Dorito Taco Salad has chopped romaine as a base. The crunch that all you taco lovers crave comes straight from a bag of freshly crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos. Also, making a taco salad with Catalina dressing is a flavor curveball. Delightful.




Ingredients for Dorito Taco Salad

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Dorito Taco Salad?

The ingredients you’ll need to make our Dorito taco salad contains the usual suspects and a few surprises!  Ground beef, a chopped onion, and taco seasoning, of course, as you expected. But then we add in a can of chili beans and 1 cup of Catalina dressing. Whoaaaa! Now let me tell ya, this combo is going to take you on a tour of flavor town. The meat and bean combination is rich, savory and has a nice sweetness. I think it’s totally addicting!

The salad mixture has a generous mixture of chopped lettuce, red onion, grape tomatoes, sliced olives, corn, cheddar cheese, and jack cheese. Then, when everything is combined, I add a heavy drizzle of ranch dressing and of course, crushed Nacho Doritos.

Prepared chopped ingredients for Dorito Taco Salad

How Do You Make Dorito Taco Salad?

Super easy to make as a family dish or for a crowd, Dorito Taco Salad starts with sauteed ground beef, chicken or turkey along with onion that is cooked through. Mix in the beans, dressing and taco seasoning. Simmer and let cool completely.

Step By Step How To Dorito Taco Salad

Step-By-Step Overview: Preparing The Meat For Dorito Taco Salad:

1. Cook the ground beef and onions until the beef no longer has any pink and the onions are soft. Drain off any excess fat.
2. Sprinkle in taco seasoning.
3. Add Chili Beans with their liquid.
4. Add Catalina dressing. Mix everything together well.

This is How I Serving My Dorito Taco Salad:

  • Toss all the salad ingredients with 3/4 of the bag of crushed Doritos and a light drizzle of ranch dressing. You don’t need much, neither use a light hand. You don’t want the ranch to compete with all the other flavors.
  • Then spread the tossed salad in a layer on a big serving platter.
  • Top the salad with the meat mixture and garnish with the remaining 1/4  bag of Doritos.
  • I think it makes a prettier presentation than tossing it all together, and frankly, it’s just as easy to do.

Yum! Looking for a zesty meal with even more irresistible Dorito crunch? Try my Dorito Casserole…you won’t be disappointed!

Dorito Taco Salad in a shallow salad bowl


Dorito Taco Salad on a plate with fork
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Dorito Taco Salad

Our Dorito Taco Salad is made with Nacho Doritos, Zesty Taco Meat, Lotsa Cheese and MORE. Double it for your next Potluck or serve it for Taco Tuesday!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 8 People
Calories 1027 kcal
Author Kathleen


Meat Mixture:

  • 1 Pound Ground Beef, Turkey or Chicken 80/20
  • 1 Package Taco Seasoning
  • 1 Cup Yellow Onion, Chopped
  • 1 (16 Ounce Can) Chili Beans
  • 1 Cup Catalina Dressing

Salad Mixture:

  • 2 Heads Lettuce, Romaine or Iceberg, Cut Into Chunks
  • 1 Cup Red Onion, Thinly Sliced
  • 3 Cups Grape Tomatoes, Sliced In Half
  • 1 1/2 Cup Cheddar, Shredded
  • 1 1/2 Cup Jack Cheese


  • 2 (14.5 Ounce) Bags Nacho Cheese Doritos, Lightly Crushed
  • Ranch Dressing, Enough To Lightly Dress The Salad


  1. In a large skillet, over medium-high heat, cook and crumble the beef and onion until its cooked through and no longer pink. Drain off any excess fat. 

  2. Stir in taco seasoning, Chili Beans with their liquid, and the Catalina Dressing. Simmer on low 10 minutes. I cool mine to room temperature before adding to the salad.

  3. In a large bowl, mix together the cooled meat and bean mixture and all the salad ingredients. Toss well.

  4. Pour salad out onto a serving platter and lightly drizzle with Ranch Dressing and top generously with lightly crushed Doritos.

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Nutritional Information

Nutrition information will vary based on the specific products. To be safe, check the nutrition facts labels of your products. Optional object listed above have been left out of nutritional data.

Nutrition Facts
Dorito Taco Salad
Amount Per Serving (1 /8 of the recipe)
Calories 1027 Calories from Fat 558
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 62g 95%
Saturated Fat 18g 90%
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 81mg 27%
Sodium 1747mg 73%
Potassium 982mg 28%
Total Carbohydrates 87g 29%
Dietary Fiber 10g 40%
Sugars 15g
Protein 34g 68%
Vitamin A 291%
Vitamin C 21%
Calcium 41%
Iron 28%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Recipe Notes for Dorito Taco Salad:

Layered: This yummy salad is the perfect dish for any family dinner or larger events. I highly recommend creating a layered taco salad with Doritos. Combine salad ingredients and layer on a serving platter. Next come the meat and a generous (seriously, don’t be shy here) amount of Doritos on top! Serve your layered Dorito Taco Salad with ranch dressing on the side.  

Meat: Ground beef is not the only meat with a personal invite to this taco salad party. And this recipe is just as delicious with ground chicken or turkey! In warmer weather, consider cooking the meat earlier while the house is still cool. Pop it in the fridge and it’s ready when you are! Serve the salad cold or at room temperature.

Corn: Corn is an absolutely delicious addition to this salad. You can use fresh corn, canned corn (drained and rinsed) or frozen corn, cooked and drained. When I add corn to this salad, I generally add about 1 cup. I add into the salad with my lettuce and other fresh vegetables.

Green Chiles: I’m a huge fan of chiles! In this recipe I sometimes add a 1-4 ounce can of Ortega Diced Chilies (drained), to the meat, then I stir in the beans.

Fresh Red Bell Peppers: When I gather the ingredients to make this salad, if the red bell peppers look good at the market, then it will likely make an appearance in the salad bowl. I like to cut them in julienne strips (like a matchstick) and toss them in with the lettuce.

Can Dorito Taco Salad Be Made Ahead Of Time?

Yes, as long as you keep all the components separated and then toss at the last minute. Here’s a breakdown of how I do it:

  • As I mentioned above in my recipe notes, on hotter days I like to cook the meat and bean mixture early in the day, let it cool and store it in the fridge. I like to let it come to room temp before tossing it in my salad.
  • Also, after prepping I store the following in the fridge:
    • I chop up the lettuce then wrap it in damp paper towels to keep it nice and crisp then place in 2- 1-gallon resealable plastic bags.
    • Chop the Red Onion and Tomatoes and store them in individually in small bowls, covered well with plastic wrap (otherwise, the red onion will stick up the fridge!)
    • Shred the cheese and place it in a 1-gallon resealable plastic bag.
    • Then, when I ‘m ready to serve it, I toss all the above ingredients together, then pour it out on a platter (even for family style) then lightly drizzle with ranch and top with lightly crushed Nacho Doritos!

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Step By Step How To Make Dorito Taco Salad



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