Amazing Red Velvet Brownies-dense, chewy with just the right amount of Red Velvet tang and chocolate!

Red Velvet Brownies

I’m so excited to share this Red Velvet Brownie recipe with you.

These are absolutely to DIE for!

I’ve made many a batch of red velvet brownies looking for the recipe that is “the one.”

Finally, I found it.

This one is IT for me.

Red Velvet Brownies

The brownies have a wonderful chocolaty-ness to them that so many red velvet cake recipes, brownies, cookies, etc are sadly, sadly lacking.

They’re marvelously chewy/fudgy with the essential crunchy brownie top.

For me, this cream cheese icing is the perfect red velvet cake icing.

The icing recipe makes the ideal quantity to nicely frost the top of the brownies. I adore the ratio of icing to brownie.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how very much I LOVE these.

Red Velvet Brownies

I’m planning on posting my Red Velvet Cheesecake recipe very soon so stay tuned for more red velvet LOVE !!!

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Source: Southern Living